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Myths About Condoms - The Truth

There are some pretty crazy myths about condoms. These myths are currently circulating out there in the real world as well as on the Internet. The crazy thing is that there are people who actually believe these myths about condoms. We offer these myths for our visitors who want to know the truth about today's condoms

  1. Wearing a condom is like wearing a rain coat, there are no pleasurable sensations. Condoms have always been referred to as a layer of protection between you and your partner. Although this layer at one time was "pretty thick" condoms have come a long way in the last 20 years. Condoms today offer more protection and sensation because of their thinness.
  2. Taking time to put on a condom detracts from the moment. Although it does take some time to apply a condom (approximately 15 seconds) the time spent could save your life. If applying the condom is really a moment killer we suggest you have your partner apply the condom instead. This can turn out to be a great source of arousal in some cases and in turn prevent disease and keep you in the game and not on the bench.
  3. Condoms do not have a shelf life. Although condoms stored in safe places like a bureau or night stand will last much longer than a condom kept in your wallet they all have expiration dates and should be adhered to strictly. Wearing a condom can save lives and prevent unwanted pregnancy but not if they're out of date. You wouldn't drink a glass of old milk so don't trust your life to an old condom.
  4. I can never find a condom when I need one. Since there is at least one drugstore in every town across America, finding a condom should not be that hard to do. If you are reading this page you have access to hundreds of websites that sell condoms online. If you happen to be one of those guys who plays the field we suggest you purchase more than one condom at a time and keep a supply where you'll need them.
  5. My religion prevents me from wearing a condom. If your religion prevents you from wearing a condom you'll need to find another way to save your own life such as abstinence or self gratification. Most religions are also against murder or hurting others but isn't that what we do when we have unprotected sex with our partners?
  6. Purchasing condoms is too costly. This could not be farther from the truth. In comparison, child support for 18 years would cost more than a condom. One herpes prescription could cost more than a years worth of condoms. The medical bills associated with AIDS treatment cost much more than a box of condoms. Not having to fight for 18 years with the mother of your child because you wore a condom is priceless.
  7. I'm allergic to latex. This one is true! There are several types of Latex Allergies in existence today and if you happen to be one of those unlucky individuals wearing a latex condom can be tough. However, there are more than enough alternatives like wearing a non latex condom made from polyurethane. Although these condoms are a bit more fragile than latex, they still offer the same level of protection and save lives.
  8. Condoms are too small for me. Although this is a myth more often than not with most men, there are a few men where this can be true. Some men are just larger by nature and need a bigger condom. There are many different choices available for the larger sized man and more often than not the local drugstore carries a larger size brand just for these men.
  9. I don't like them as they cramp my style. This is more of a myth now then 10 years ago. Basically there was only one type of condom to wear back in the "old days" when your father was wearing condoms. Today the condom industry has more flavors, sizes, variety, and a host of other gimmicks designed to make wearing a condom fun as well as life saving.
  10. The condom always falls off. Although this may happen, buying the correct size condom and using a lubricant will almost certainly prevent this from happening. The use of a lubricant on the outside of the condom prevents the friction build up between you and your partner. This friction is what generally makes the condom fall off.





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