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Teenagers And Condoms

It's not easy talking to your teenagers about wearing condoms. Especially single mothers raising male children. In today's society, wearing a condom is much more mainstream than it was just 10 years ago. The risk's associated with not wearing a condom are much greater than they were only 15 years ago for teens.

Even though passing this information along could save lives and suffering it is still too difficult for some parents.

Get Some Help Talking To Your Kids About Condoms

Teens and condomsSingle mothers seem to have it the worst. Talking about condoms with male teen can be tough for a father let alone a mom. It's often easy for mothers to talk with their daughters about the birds and the bees, but single moms have it pretty tough. They need to have a serious conversation with a young man who doesn't really want to hear it from his mom.

If this is the case we suggest you contact a male friend of the family or a doctor. Make sure your teenager has a good relationship already in place with this individual. This way your son gets the information they need and you get to save the embarrassment of the conversation.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Although talking about sex with your teens is what experts say works best, sometimes parents wait too long to have this talk with their children. Children are sexually active at an early age these days and waiting until they are a bit older can sometimes be the wrong thing to do. Teenagers are much smarter and more mature than in the past. They are exposed to this type of conversation in health classes, and other school classes. Just give them a chance to hear this advice.

Having talks with your teenagers about condoms and their use is more important than you think. Simply telling them to wear a condom is not enough. They need to be educated about sex, safe sex, and the use of condoms.





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