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Dental Dams - Oral Sex Protection

Dental Dams are square latex pieces worn over the mouth during vaginal or anal oral sex play. If you've ever been to the dentist for a Latex Dental Damstooth removal or root canal, chance are you've had this type of device across your mouth already. Dental dams have been proven to reduce the passing of STIs during oral sex. They act as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions containing bacteria and viruses.

Many sexually transmitted infections can be passed from one partner to another during oral sex. These dams worn properly and consistently can reduce the risk of passing these STI's to your partner.

Oral Sex Dental DamUsing a dental dam is easy. Simply open up the package and perform a visual inspection of the product. Carefully check for holes in the product and wash off any power left on the dam prior to use. Place the dam over the vulva or anus. Using a lubricant may increase the pleasure of the receiving party. Make sure to only use a water based lubricant as oil based products tend to degrade the latex thus decreasing effectiveness.

DO NOT flip the dental dam over to use the other side as this is exactly what you are trying to avoid. The transmission of bodily fluid from one person to another. DO NOT use the dental dam on other parts of the body after use, like switching from the anus to the vagina. You could possibly be spreading bacteria from one area to another.

Where can I purchase dental dams? If you need to purchase dental dams we suggest you check with our sponsors. Discount Condom King offers Dental Dams on their website. They offer a fine assortment of flavored dental dams to choose from and offer Free Shipping with their products.





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