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Durex Condoms - Information About The Durex Brand Condom

Durex Condoms began back in 1910. It started as a small room in the back of a tobacco store and Has grown into the largest condom manufacturer in the market today.

Durex Brand Condoms Since 1951 they have been credited with the first lubricated condom, anatomically shaped condoms, and more recently the non-latex condom for those with a latex allergy.

The Durex Brand Company has been manufacturing condoms in a global marketplace for over 65 years and are still creating new and innovative sexual products to add to their line. With the introduction of lubricants, massagers, oils and other products for those interested in spicing up their sex lives, Durex has and always will be the leader in the condom industry.

Durex Play ToysThe Durex website currently offers surveys, games, and a vast sexual health section for those looking for information. Additionally they now have a section dedicated to providing couples with the help they need to make better sex a part of their lives. They now offer a new line of body massagers, sexual enhancers, and condoms designed to enhance sexual play.

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