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Inspiral condoms aren't just for disease prevention and unwanted pregnancy anymore. Intellx Inc., distributor of Inspiral condoms are now built with pleasure in mind. Receiving national distribution this new brand is fast becoming the condom for both him and her.

Inspiral Condoms

The Inspiral condom works like an adult toy as well as a disease and pregnancy deterrent. Many companies are now heralding this product as the condom of the future.

  • History Channel - "designed to improve, rather than get in the way of sex."
  • Rated #1 for pleasure for several years in Men's Health, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan magazines.
  • Marie Stopes International study states that Inspiral's shape helped women achieve easier and quicker orgasms.
  • New York Times - "the shape is evocative of a Nautilus seashell."

The shape is what makes this condom such a treat for it's users. The twists at the top of the condom provide friction to the wearer as well as the partner. This is what makes it such a pleasure.

The company has even trademarked the name CondomToy™ for this line of condoms since the Inspiral acts like a sex toy and a condom all rolled into one.

Where can I purchase Inspiral Condoms? If you need to purchase these superior condoms we suggest you check with our sponsors. They offer this fine Inspiral condoms and a host of other products for safe sex and adult fun.






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