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Pleasure Plus Condoms

Pleasure Plus Condoms is proud to introduce the most pleasurable condom ever made. The new condom is scientifically developed and actually increases stimulation for both you and your partner.

The Pleasure Plus features a roomy pouch with fine, internal ribs. During sex, the pouch moves back and forth, gently stimulating both partners. The pouch's action restores the sensational feeling of sex without a condom.

Pleasure Plus Condoms

Most condoms are shaped exactly like the penis with a small reservoir at the tip to collect semen. The condom is designed by nature to fit over the penis. Unlike typical condoms, Pleasure Plus has a large loose pouch of extra latex positioned near the head and on the underside of the condom.

As this loose section of latex rubs against the underside of the penis it creates friction with this sensitive tissue. During intercourse, the loose latex is free to rub back and forth against the penis, which enhances stimulation.

Today most condom makers are trying to manufacture their condoms thinner in order to restore the sensation lost by the thickness of the condoms. Pleasure Plus does not have to be made extra thin, because the condom's shape provides the additional sensation.

If you would like more information about the Pleasure Plus Condoms we suggest you contact our sponsor regarding the products offered by this company.





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