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Condom Source Privacy Policy

We offer our privacy policy for the visitors of Condom Information Source. Our visitors are important to us so we felt it necessary to post this information about the information we track and store.

It is with this in mind that we state the following clearly and for all to read. We do not and will not ever sell any information to a third party or any other party for that matter. We do not collect information from our visitors except for the website traffic logs.

We do not buy e-mail addresses for the purpose of SPAM or any other unsolicited e-mail practices. We do periodically email specials or promotions available to you as a condom purchaser. If you wish to be removed from our list once you have joined, simply email the administrator to have your email address removed permanently.

Rest assured that any information you send through this website using our forms is encrypted and 100% safe from outside sources. We employ the utmost caution regarding the storage of any data and thoroughly respect your privacy.

We thank you for visiting Condom Information Source and wish you a pleasant stay while you are here.






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